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The ShareGift office premises are currently partially open with a limited staff presence. We are able to accept written correspondence to the office at this stage, however there may be some delay in responding to written enquiries. 

We are still able to deal with queries made by phone, email or via the contact page

If you have shares in a UK company, either certificated or held within a corporate nominee account, we can still prepare transfer forms for your signature. In order for the shares to be transferred we are currently advising you to send these to the registrars of the company directly. We will send clear instructions with the transfer forms that we send you to complete. Please send us details of your shares so we can proceed. 

If you have shares in a company registered overseas, we may be able to assist with the preparation of transfer documents, however we may not be able to complete the ultimate transfer of the shares whilst our custodians continue to face challenges caused by the global pandemic. If the transfer is urgent, please let us know and we will see if we can find a solution, however we cannot guarantee when the ultimate transfer of the shares can be progressed.

Please do email us if you have sent your transfer directly to the registrars of the company. This will enable us to track your donation and to update your charity suggestion if you have made one. 

If you have any queries about the status of your transfer, please contact us.

In light of recent market conditions, we reiterate that ShareGift does not take an investment view on donated shares. 

We cannot offer tax advice. However donors are advised by HMRC to keep a dated copy of their completed transfer form as proof of their donation for tax purposes. Further tax information can be found on our website here. Please refer to the HMRC website or an independent tax advisor for more infomation. 

If you are a broker or nominee company and wish to arrange the electronic transfer of shares, please contact us as normal. 

This page will be updated when we have more information. 






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