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Important information for fundraisers

Our donations are based primarily upon suggestions from our donors and the companies who work with us. For this reason, we do not accept applications for funding.

The most effective way for a charity to benefit from a ShareGift grant is to raise awareness of ShareGift by encouraging their supporters to donate their unwanted shares to us. We also regularly help charities with larger share donations. All of our donations are made as unrestricted funding. We are happy to talk to charities about the best way to promote ShareGift to their supporters and can provide template wording for websites and printed materials upon request. Please contact ShareGift for further information.

ShareGift works differently to most grant-making organisations, so we ask that you read our comprehensive FAQ for charities below before contacting us.

Grants data

ShareGift is committed to transparency and we work with 360Giving to publish information about our grants. Using the 360Giving Data Standard, our awarded grants from our inception up to 31 December 2022 are available here, and our awarded grants from 1 January 2023 are available here. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit This means the data is freely accessible to anyone to be used and shared as they wish. The data must be attributed to ShareGift.

We believe that with better information, funders can be more effective and strategic decision makers. 360Giving supports funders to publish open data about their grants, and empowers people to use this data to improve charitable giving through a range of free online tools. For more information, visit

Can a charity apply to receive funding from ShareGift?

Please note, we do not accept applications for funding, with no exceptions. The best way to benefit from a ShareGift donation is to promote ShareGift to your supporters.

Does our charity have to register with ShareGift?

No. We can give to any UK registered charity, subject to our due diligence. There is no application process to be eligible. 

Why have you asked us for our bank details?

We make BACS payments in order to more efficiently channel urgently needed funds to the charities we support. If you would prefer to receive a grant by cheque payment, we are happy to accommodate that. 

If we request details it means that we are considering your charity for a future charitable distribution. Please email us a scanned copy of your bank details on Company letterhead/a copy of a bank statement or similar, and copy in your accounts team. Do not submit bank details to us unless we have specifically requested them from you. 

We will reference any donation we make “SHAREGIFT”. Please let us have any additional reference you wish us to include in order for you to identify the payment.

We will write to you confirming any donation when it is made. 

In the instance that we are unable to satisfactorily verify your charity's bank details in line with our agreed procedures, we may issue you with a cheque payment. 

Why do people donate shares to charity?

People donate small holdings of shares to get rid of a nuisance. Small shareholdings are often worth less than it would cost to sell, yet companies are obliged to provide annual reports and other documentation to all shareholders. Donating shares can also be a very tax efficient way to give, depending on the donor’s circumstances.

Why should our donors give small shareholdings to ShareGift?

ShareGift specialises in accepting small shareholdings that are often worth less than they would cost to sell. When such a small shareholding is donated to most charities, the charity will not be able to sell the shares because of the commission, and in effect will have inherited a nuisance. By directing the donor to ShareGift, the problem can be solved efficiently with a charitable outcome.

How does ShareGift choose which charities receive donations?

We ask all our donors for charity suggestions, regardless of the value of the shares donated, and this information helps inform  our charitable donations. Our aim has always been to support every charity which is suggested to us.

ShareGift is cause-neutral; we don’t try to weigh the relative value of the charities which are suggested to us. Our grants are based on the value of the shares donated to us and the number of suggestions we receive for any particular charity. We also support charities suggested to us by companies that support and promote our work, as well as charities we have identified from independent research. For more detailed information about how we select charities and makes grants please refer to our grant-making policy. 

Can ShareGift handle large donations of shares for charities?

Absolutely. Often charities aren’t set up to handle donations of shares so in these circumstances ShareGift can help. Sometimes donors wish to remain anonymous, so donate large shareholdings to ShareGift nominating a cause charity to benefit. For more information about large donations, please see here

What information does ShareGift give to charities about the underlying donors?

Due to privacy requirements, we will not pass on any information about our donors to third parties. However, a donor may choose to let you know that they have given shares to ShareGift, and suggested you, if they wish.

Can donors specify that the exact proceeds of their shares are for a particular charity?

We make donations in round figures based on the value we realise for shares. We do not sell shares and pass on the exact proceeds to beneficiary charities, nor do we take a commission from the value of the shares - instead we make appropriate sized donations. As the majority of donations we receive come to us without a charity suggestion, we are normally in a position to round up the amount we donate to the suggested charities, but we cannot guarantee this.

My charity is not promoting share giving – can you help us get started?

Yes. We often help charities in this way because we aim to promote share giving as widely as possible. Please do contact us, and we can help by providing some template wording to introduce share giving and ShareGift to your supporters.




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