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My shares have little or no listed value. Can I still donate them?

Yes. We accept donations of shares regardless of the value, and frequently accept shareholdings with no listed value. This includes shares in privately listed companies and shares in companies which are in liquidation or administration. So long as the shares can be transferred and we are able to hold the asset in question, we can accept them.

The shares I hold are in an estate. Can I still donate them?

Yes. Please refer to our information on donating shares from an estate.

I’m not sure what I need to send you. What should I do?

You can send us details of your shareholdings in one of three ways.  We will let you know exactly what we require at that stage. If in doubt contact us.

I hold my shares in a corporate nominee account. How can I donate my shares?

Send us a copy of your shareholder statement, or the full details of the shareholding including your shareholder reference number,  and we will send you the correct transfer form to sign and return. Due to recent regulatory changes we will need to confirm nationality details, date of birth and NCI details for shareholders donating shares from corporate nominee accounts. 

I’ve lost my share certificate. Can I still donate my shares?

In most cases you should still be able to donate your shares. Send us details of your shareholding and we will let you know how best to proceed.

Can I email you a scanned transfer form in order to transfer the shares?

Unfortunately the registrars will only accept an original signature. Therefore you will need to send us the signed transfer form by post.

Why have you requested my National Insurance Number?

We do not require a National Insurance Number to transfer all shares, however if we have requested your National Insurance Number it is because we need to include this information to complete your donation to ShareGift. This follows recent regulatory changes by the Financial Conducts Authority in the UK. You can find more information about these regulations here.

I hold shares in a stockbroker’s nominee account. What should I do?

Tell your broker that you wish to donate your shares to ShareGift. They will contact us to arrange the transfer.

Can I donate outstanding dividends and other cash entitlements to ShareGift?

Yes. Simply let us know that you wish to donate cash held in this way and we will send you the appropriate form.

I hold shares registered overseas. Can I donate these to ShareGift?

In some instances we can accept shares registered overseas, although we cannot always arrange the transfer ourselves.  Send us details of your shareholding and we will let you know how to proceed. Transfers of US securities are often problematic, and we have to treat each donation on a case-by-case basis.




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