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National Client Identifier

Please use the below form to securely send us the additional details we require to transfer your shareholding.

Please enter your date of birth, nationality or nationalities (if you have dual nationality), and your National Client Identifier number (NCI).

What is my National Client Identifier?

Your NCI will vary depending on your nationality.

If you have sole UK nationality and you have a National Insurance Number, your NCI will be your National Insurance Number.

If you are a non-UK national, if you have dual nationality including the UK, or if you have sole UK nationality but do not have a National Insurance Number, you will have to determine your NCI.

You can do this by completing the Nationality Calculator here (this links to an external website).

If you are having trouble identifying your NCI, or require further advise, please do contact us

For shareholdings in joint names, you will have to provide these details for both shareholders. 

For shareholdings from deceased estates, you should enter the name and details for the deceased under shareholder details. We do not require this information for executors.