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Donating Shares To ShareGift

ShareGift is an independent UK registered charity set up to deal with the long-standing problem of small unwanted shareholdings. Even if you have only one or two shares, we can help you dispose of them – and charitably.

Millions of pounds are tied up in wasted assets, which are of no value to their owners because they cost more to sell than they are worth. ShareGift aggregates and sells these parcels of donated shares, giving the proceeds to a wide range of UK charities.

We can also help shareholders with larger, tax-efficient donations of shares. For information on how ShareGift can help with large donations, please click here. Since 1996 we have given over £40million to more than 3,000 UK registered charities- large and small, local, national and international, covering an enormously wide range of charitable work. For more information about which charities benefit, please click here. Here you will see a selection of the charities we have supported in the past. This is not a fixed list; ShareGift can give to any UK registered charity, and makes donations to new charities all the time.

ShareGift can accept any shareholding that can be readily transferred, regardless of value. In most cases you can still donate even if you do not have your share certificate. We can accept shares administered by all UK registrars as well as those held in stockbrokers’ nominee accounts, shares from estates and in many instances can help with donations of foreign share holdings.

If you wish to donate shares to ShareGift, please click here to download a donation coupon.

If you have any queries, do contact us.

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