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Information for AIB Group Shareholders

In May 2018, AIB Group plc sent a dividend mailing to shareholders which included information about how to donate their shares or dividends to ShareGift. This is entirely optional and shareholders are under no obligation to take any action.

ShareGift is a UK registered charity and has been operating in the UK since 1996. We enable shareholders to donate their unwanted shares and cash residuals to charity. Often these shares cost more to sell than they are worth, and the cheques aren’t worth cashing. We aggregate these and use the proceeds to make donations to charities. Since being founded, we have given £30million to over 2,800 charities. Since 2016, we have given over €1million to charities in Ireland. We generate a unique and valuable source of funds for the charitable sector as this is a funding stream that would otherwise not exist due to the costs associated with transferring and selling small shareholdings.

If you opt to donate your dividends, these will automatically be transferred into a bank account, in our name, managed by The Community Foundation for Ireland. The dividends will continue to be donated into this fund until you sell your shares or you instruct the Company’s registrars, Computershare, that you no longer wish to donate the dividends.

If you opt to donate your shares, these will be transferred to us, sold and all of the proceeds transferred into our account at The Community Foundation for Ireland. AIB Group are generously making a further donation to our charitable fund of €10 for each shareholder who donates their shares. 

All of the proceeds arising from the dividends, donated shares, and the donation from AIB Group will be split between the 8 charities.

If you have any queries about how ShareGift works please refer to the below FAQ or contact us


Do you have an office in Ireland?

We are a small charity and are able to run our operations in Ireland from the UK. This means we do not need to incur the associated costs of running an office in Ireland.

Are you a registered charity in Ireland?

ShareGift is a UK registered charity, not a registered charity in Ireland. We have a “donor advised fund” at The Community Foundation for Ireland, which enables us to leverage their expert knowledge on the Irish charitable sector and means we are able to efficiently run all of ShareGift’s operations from London. We have only been operating directly in Ireland since 2016 and it is important for us to minimise our costs in order to maxumise the amount of money to be donated to charities in Ireland

How do you cover your costs?

We have a fixed cost base and our costs are covered by ShareGift in the UK so all of the funds arising in Ireland stay in Ireland to benefit local charities.

Can I suggest a charity for inclusion?

Whilst in the UK we make donations based upon the suggestions of our donors, we do not preesntly have the necessary scale to do this in Ireland. We have chosen a basket of 8 charities reflecting a wide range of causes and feel that this is currently the best way to reflect the charitable interests of donors in Ireland. All of the charities we support in Ireland meet the highest governance standards as set out by the Charities Regulator in Ireland. 

I have small shareholdings in other companies, can I donate them to you?

Yes, we can accept shares in any company as long as they are transferable. Please contact if you would like any further information

Will you keep my details/contact me in future?

ShareGift is not a fundraising charity. We will never contact you once your transfer has completed. Furthermore in this instance, as the Company’s registrars are processing any donations, we will not get any details about the underlying donors.

What should I do if my question is not covered in the FAQ?

These questions are by no means exhaustive, if you have any further questions, please contact us on


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